Just the Start

The snow was falling swiftly
and fell gently at her feet
She wrapped her arms around herself
as the rose flushed her cheeks
The tears that fell just seemed to burn
while she stood there all alone
The gathering cold surrounded
and she felt so alone
She reminded herself it was temporary
the loneliness she felt
That tomorrow there was sunshine
coming her way
but today she stood out in the cold
with the ache of a heartbreak
She didn’t understand why
she just wasn’t good enough
was she fat
or ugly
or her boobs to big
or maybe it was the color of her skin.
He was just a country boy
Who had stolen her heart away…
she just a misplaced girl
waiting for a miracle to come her way
She stepped slowly away from the memory
of when love made sense.
She locked away herself in the abyss of sorrow
to just keep a smile on her face.
Just one day at a time…she thought
This ache will go away once she can walk away
but this time it was different
it hurt.
She hurt. So she’d tell herself
Today i made a choice
To love who i’ve become
Through the good times and the bad times
He wasn’t the one.
So as i cry these final tears
for a man not worth his salt…
I love me for who I am
and today is just the start…


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