To the Woman who thinks she WON!

There is an amount of annoyance when someone wants to tell you how you should parent your child. It takes more out of you just trying to get out of bed; get dressed and pray you don’t have something wiped on your close as you rush out the door. I mean come on…WHERE IS THE PERFECT PARENT?

I haven’t been on here lately writing because I just haven’t had the energy or the time between work and Physical Therapy down to changing diapers and remembering to shower that I haven’t even thought of taking time for me.  Although it has been brought to my attention that these women– some more than others… want to troll my Facebook and everything that I post about my son.  This post is specifically for the women that think they they have won. here goes nothing!


Dear You,

Yeah, YOU…the one who’s been trolling my Facebook…yeah i’m talking to YOU specifically. I don’t know who F you think you are. I don’t know what kind of power that you think you have that you would THINK for one second that you had any kind of upper hand in the raising of my son. You’ve been around for a short period of time and you think that you know my ex better than i. Please…don’t make me laugh! You want to walk around and act like you’re top bitch because you are living with a man that’s put his past girlfriends and wives through hell that you aren’t next on his list? Come on now, WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? I thought that way too. I was so happy. I was so content with our lives that I tried to be the best woman that I could be. I tried to open my eyes to see that he was the sun and the moon and I’d do anything in the world for him too. Trust me I’ve been there. And now you being as young as you are think that you are better than me? Girl, please. I know the games i know what he’s capable of and I’ve learned how to climb out of the hole that he has put me in. Now, does that mean that we don’t get along…nah we’re good. At least until he sees this post. But let me just set the record straight for you so you know who the hell I am.
I’ve spent the last 8 of 10 years loving a man who didn’t love me. I’ve cried’ I’ve screamed; I’ve cheated; I’ve been the mistress;  the ex….the booty call. Been there done that. Maybe you think that you are so much different than me but you aren’t. The only difference is that you don’t have a child by him and I’m assuming with the way things are going that you are wanting a family because he’s such a great family man. I thought so too. You think that my son is taking up too much of your precious time with that man…girl, You’re stupid. I’m not sure why you would want a man who would only see his son twice a month. Not that it matter, because you were mad about that. You can roll your eyes; bat your eye lashes and talk all the crap on me that you’d like. You are never gonna be me. I’m not going anywhere and when you get a hold of that maybe then you’ll open those eyes. Don’t talk to me about going to church and being so holy when you are shacked up with a man who I thought was so holy.
My son is the light of my world. He gives me the strength to pick myself up when no one else can. He brings more joy to my heart and a song that I can’t even tell you the words too. HE IS MY WORLD.
So I suggest that you take a good long look in the mirror. You tell me do you like what you see? 2 years in was when things started to change. Lets see how this one plays out. But until then I’d mind your own P’s and Q’s . I got my life in order and I’ll be damned if you want to take my joy away because I’ll do everything within my power to protect my little family. You don’t scare me with the little stunt that you decided to pull because I’M GROWN! I GOT THIS! Just like i have since the day I found out that I was pregnant. I don’t need NO MAN to take care of me and mine. Now run along… go tell him all the lies you’d like. I have a child to take care of.


One Pissed off Momma!



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